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An alumnus is an essential stakeholder for any educational institution out there. The importance of creating quality relationships and engagement with their respective alumni can’t be stressed enough. The amount of positive impact and value addition that an alumnus has over their institution is immense. But not even 90% of the educational institutions in Australia don’t take the necessary steps in creating quality engagement with their alumni. 




If you want to know the importance of proper meaningful alumni engagement and the steps to achieve the same, this blog is for you. Let us begin!


Why is quality Alumni engagement so crucial for an educational Institution?


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Increase Goodwill

Alumni who have been provided with a tremendous academic experience would act as brand ambassadors for their educational institution. They would also serve as a source of giving new students to the institution. A well-maintained alumni network would act as goodwill directly and indirectly to an institution.

Provide Donations In Times Of Need

Donations act as an essential source of revenue for any educational institute out there. Whether it be for renovations or for providing scholarships, donations and fundraisers add value to the institution. Alumni play a significant role in providing much-needed cash flow to their respective institutions through donations and fundraisers.

Mentors To Aspiring Students

Skilful and talented alumni will have a wealth of information, knowledge and expertise to share with the current set of students. Alumni conducting boot camps and preparing students for the placement season is an example. Alumni can act as a mentor and provide personal and professional development to the existing students of the institution.


Alumni can help out the current set of students in an institution concerning the placements. A well-maintained alumni network can be vital in creating great opportunities for the existing students. Providing placements is one of the key factors that a potential student takes in selecting an educational institution.

How can you improve the quality of alumni engagement?


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Educational institutions can use many mediums to improve upon their engagement with their alumni. But there is only one medium that is effective in terms of cost, ROI and quality engagement. It is communication via SMS. Surprised? SMS has been one of the most underutilised mediums for communication.

Here are a few reasons why an SMS or Text Messaging stands apart from the crowd:-

  • Target Globally with just one click.
  • Personalised messages.
  • Cost-effective.
  • 2-way communication.
  • High open rates.
  • High engagement rates.
  • High ROI.


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SMS, when compared to other mediums of communication and engagement, clearly stands out. The best possible way to capitalise on SMS is through using an SMS Gateway. An SMS Gateway allows you to send SMS from your computer to all recipients all over the globe. The following are the benefits of using an SMS Gateway:-


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  • With an SMS Gateway, you could target all of your alumni with just one click globally.
  • With an SMS Gateway, you could conduct alumni events and meetups with ease.
  • With an SMS Gateway, get clear analytical insights and make data-driven decisions.
  • With an SMS Gateway, make the messages more personalised by utilising the templates and merge tags available.
  • With an SMS Gateway, communicate one on one to any alumni out there through 2-way communication.
  • With an SMS Gateway, integrate to your existing platforms through API integration. 
  • With an SMS Gateway, Schedule messages to be sent at a later time.


Wrapping Up


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Are you are looking to capitalise on the power of SMS for your business. In that case, Guni SMS – Australia’s #1 SMS Gateway is the best choice out there.

Guni offers custom made solutions as per your educational institution’s requirements. It has helped the likes of AHMI from Sydney, Australia, double upon their alumni engagement. 

  1. Are you looking to improve upon your student, parent, and alumni experience via meaningful engagement? 
  2. Do you want custom-made engagement solutions as per your processes?
  3. Do you want to capitalise on the power of SMS Broadcasting which is more effective in engagement and cost?


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