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Why SMS Broadcasting is an essential tool for Businesses during the pandemic phase?

Text Messaging or SMS is one of the most underutilised mediums of communication/engagement. Businesses can utilise SMS for Marketing, Sales, Improving customer success and enhancing processes. You could say that it offers a 360-degree solution for all your business-related challenges.

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SMS Broadcasting is quite popular among Marketers and business owners to advertise their services and quickly reach a wider audience. With proper planning and consistency, you can quickly achieve your business goals without paying anything extra. SMS messages have an open rate of 98% within five minutes of sending a message. Email marketing has an open rate of 16-20%, where only 20% of subscribers read your content. 

SMS Broadcasting is a powerful engagement tool that allows businesses to send short text messages to their customers promptly. It provides an opportunity for more ROI by increasing brand awareness, customer engagement and more sales.

In case of a timely deal, text messages can create a sense of urgency and push customers to take immediate action. This creates an opportunity to turn your typical one-way outbound marketing into a two-way conversation. 

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As customer attention span is getting shorter, getting more customer engagement these days is getting tough. If appropriately used, SMS Broadcasting can break through the tough wall of attention span and capture customer focus, which other digital marketing channels can’t. 

A study data from Pew Research showed that 97% of smartphone users prefer sending text messages. Text messages are a popular and frequently used feature. Many people admitted to receiving a text message in the last hour or so. Using SMS Broadcasting, you can drive sales, gather feedback, engage with customers and promote your products. With the gathered insights, you can prepare the right engagement strategy with text messages and drive more sales. 

Unlike Instagram and Facebook, where you create the platform itself, it owns a list of followers. Out of 2,000 followers, only 15-30 people like or comment on your post. But that’s not the case in SMS Broadcasting, and here, whatever database you build, you own it. If you send messages through SMS, then out of 2,000 opt-in subscribers, 1,960 subscribers will read your content. Engagement through SMS is much higher than email or through any other social media platform. Plus, it’s affordable too.

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SMS Broadcasting is not only an excellent, long-term strategy where you own your database, which you can control. It can also strengthen the marketing channels where you are already working. Through SMS Broadcasting, you can drive sign-ups from other channels where you’re already working. SMS Broadcasting is integral for the success of your business’s customer service, customer relationships and operations. SMS Broadcasting aims to provide relevant information that a customer needs and send it through the preferred way of communication, which is mobile phones. SMS Broadcasting is a real-time communication method. Unlike emails, it’s not filled with spam or promotional messages. After opting in, you can easily communicate one-on-one with your customers or send a series of text messages to your database. The messages can be seen in real-time. 

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When the pandemic affected all of us, the use of SMS Broadcasting increased rapidly. The businesses who were already using SMS Broadcasting as part of their promotional strategy could remain connected with their customers and keep them updated about operational practices, safety protocols and office hours. Apart from keeping them updated about their offers, businesses could inform their customers about pandemic-related information. This created a source of strength and stability among companies and customers who were looking for some support. Some companies began using text messaging for facilitating e-commerce to easily schedule appointments which increased their retention rate. 

Overall, we can see that the best way to market during or after a pandemic is by communicating frequently and through SMS Broadcasting. Because even though the situation is challenging, there are still customers who care about you and want to hear from you. Customers always welcome communication efforts from businesses they support. Studies show that 75% of millennials like to hear from companies through text rather than any other method.

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SMS Broadcasting is an affordable and powerful communication tool to engage with your customers. Through text messages, you can send photos with your text, and it’s now easy to send to multiple people at one time. 

What Are The Benefits of SMS Broadcasting?

There are many benefits of using SMS Broadcasting in your marketing, Sales and Customer Sucess strategy. Some of them are:

SMS Broadcasting has a higher open rate than Email:

High open rates are one of the biggest benefits of SMS Broadcasting. Customers open text messages 98% of the time. This gives text messages more power over any other marketing channel.

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Often, emails are lost in spam folders and promotional messages, which many customers don’t want to open. But that’s not the case with text messages; the messages you send straight land in the customer’s inbox, prompting them to open the received message.

SMS Broadcasting is cost-effective

Sending SMS is a cheaper marketing option than all other advertising options. Even if you send your message to many people, it’s still affordable than buying a Facebook ad spot. SMS Broadcasting is an affordable and great option for SMBs or businesses that are starting out and don’t have a big marketing budget. Text Messaging service providers such as Guni SMS provide SMS for the rate of 0.03 cents per SMS. Guni also provides free campaign managers. Hence when you compare the costs, text messaging is a cost-effective option.

SMS Broadcasting is mobile-friendly

Nowadays many people are using their mobile phones to do all kinds of work. Your business needs to be mobile friendly so that more and more people can utilise your services. Being mobile-friendly SMS Broadcasting can be a solid asset to your mobile marketing strategy. 

Through SMS Broadcasting, you can reach a wider audience

Many people are using cell phones and smartphones nowadays. You can easily reach out to a broad target audience through text messages. With SMS Broadcasting, you can reach out to anyone who has a mobile phone around the globe with a single click. Unlike other mediums, the use of the Internet is not required.

SMS Broadcasting works well with other types of Marketing

Along with text messages, you can use other forms of marketing strategies to promote your business. For example, you can use SMS Broadcasting to get your customers to follow your business on social media. Or offer a discount to those who buy products through your online shop. API integrations are also possible with any existing platform. 

Through SMS Broadcasting, you can enjoy more customer engagement and get high revenue in return. And you’ll be able to do all these things in a simple and affordable way. 


SMS Broadcasting is the best option for businesses looking to survive the current pandemic scenario and take advantage of the economic boom that’s coming. SMS Broadcasting grew by 8.5% and 20% in March and April 2020, respectively, in response to the Pandemic.

If your business is trying to capitalise on the positive impact of SMS Broadcasting, then Guni SMS, which is the number one SMS Gateway in Australia, is the go-to service provider. 


The consultants at Guni offers custom made solutions as per the requirements of your business. Whether it be for Marketing, Sales, Improving customer success or processes, Guni would be the best effective alternative regarding cost and ROI. Sign up with Guni for free today and add value to your business. 

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