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SMS Broadcast in Restaurants – Importance & Application

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People can ignore phone calls, leave their emails unread for days, but SMS messages always get attention. We all tend to look through our phones whenever a notification pops up once in a while.

With time, SMS Broadcasting has become a preferred method of communication for the Restaurant space. 

Let’s dive in and understand how you can use SMS Broadcast to manage the pandemic and thrive in the Restaurant Space.


Sales & Marketing


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Sales & Marketing are two sides of the same coin. Restaurants can utilise the power of SMS Broadcast to improve their sales through SMS Marketing.

With an open rate of 98%, all the mobile phones can be targeted within one click. It is estimated that there are around 3.9 billion mobile phones in the world.

With a higher click-through rate than any other medium, 70% of customers read texts within 3 to 5 minutes of receiving them. 

The point is that SMS Marketing would help restaurants get a better ROI when compared to other mediums such as Email and Social Media Platforms.


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SMS Broadcasting Led To an increase in sales for the restaurant Little Bonny (Case Study)

Little Bonny is a restaurant situated in NSW, Australia. They improved upon their sales in the pandemic with the help of SMS Broadcast Marketing.

They got around 39 orders in just one single SMS Campaign worth only 20 dollars. SMS Broadcast Marketing is the best tool for targeting and reaching out to a specific set of audiences. The only catch is that they should have a regular mobile phone. 

SMS Broadcast is much cost-effective compared to other mediums. Social Media Marketing requires the use of paid ads which are costly. 

Emails are considered a free medium of communication. But using Email for marketing by sending bulk emails require an Email Marketing Platform, which is costly. 

SMS Gateways such as Guni SMS provides SMS Broadcast Marketing services at just 6.2 cents per SMS. They provide custom made use-cases/solutions per your restaurant’s requirements and a dedicated campaign manager for free.

Plus, if you consider the effectiveness and ROI of an SMS Broadcast Campaign, the winner is pretty clear.

You could save the commission given to online delivery applications and directly reach out to your target customers.

Here are some templates that Restaurants can use for SMS Broadcast Marketing.


meal smsfood sms



discount sms



Customer Sucess

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown the importance of customer loyalty for players in the Restaurant space. We have heard many stories during the lockdown phase where loyal customers got together and joined hands in helping out their favourite restaurants. 


text campaign


SMS Broadcasting for Restaurants is a great tool to engage with existing customers and make profitable relationships.

P’sghetti Bar is a restaurant based in NSW, Australia. They improved upon their Customer Loyalty by capitalising on the power of SMS.

SMS Broadcast can be used to send resourceful information to customers. They can also understand the reviews and experience of customers as well.

Here are some Customer Success SMS templates for the Restaurant industry that you can use:-

sms sms sms


For Facilitating Processes.

SMS Broadcast can be used as an effective tool for facilitating Restaurant Processes as well. 


bar sms


Let us say if your restaurant is providing home delivery services in your business proximity. Resourceful information can be sent, and the whole process can be managed & facilitated.

The same can be done for take-away orders as well. You could also communicate to your customers if a table is ready via SMS Broadcast.

Every process requires a communication medium. SMS Broadcast Software can be utilised as a communication medium to manage and facilitate any processes.

Let’s look at some SMS Broadcast Templates to understand further:-






Final Words

The importance and relevance of SMS Broadcasting for Restaurants is clear as daylight. Use SMS Broadcasting appropriately to ensure that your Restaurants survives this pandemic and take advantage of the post-pandemic boom that’s coming. Choosing the best SMS Broadcast Service Provider in Australia is critical for your restaurant to fully capitalise on SMS’s power.


Guni SMS, Australia’s No-1 SMS Gateway, would be the best choice. Their consultants provide custom made solutions and use-cases as per your requirements. They would also be providing a free campaign manager too throughout the SMS Broadcasting process. 


The best part is that you would only have to pay for the SMS sent, which would be pay as you use. Guni has helped many businesses across Australia tackle the pandemic by helping them capitalising on the power of SMS Broadcasting.  It is safe to say that Guni would be with you full time, catering to all your needs and requirements. Try Guni SMS for free Today.


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