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Why is Text Messaging is the best tool to manage the vaccination process for GP Clinics?

With the pandemic on the rise, arming up the people of Australia by providing vaccination against covid-19 is the government’s topmost priority. The role of GP Clinics in speeding up the vaccination process is significant. With the help of the government of Australia, many private hospitals and GP clinics are working tirelessly to facilitate and speed up the vaccination process. So what is the best communication tool that these specific GP Cilinis can use to manage the whole vaccination process efficiently? 

This tool should have the following qualities: easy to use, Cost-effective, Reliability, customizable, and efficient in meaningful engagement.

Text messaging or SMS & MMS Messaging is the best tool or medium of communication that fits the bill. SMS Broadcasting, when compared to other mediums such as Email or social media, is cost-effective and has a better engagement rate. 

SMS Broadcasting is already being used successfully by the government and other healthcare players on spreading awareness and resourceful information about the pandemic. Constant meaningful engagement and communication are crucial for the success of the overall vaccination process. Spreading info through people who are not tech-savvy is challenging. Mediums like Email and social media require the Internet. But text messaging only requires a mobile phone. The reach is more. A study by Givewell shows the role of SMS in successfully facilitating and managing the vaccination process in developing countries. A live program was conducted in which SMS was implemented to promote, manage and facilitate the overall vaccination process. It was a cost-effective program with a 90% success rate. Studies show that the program was effective in both rural and urban areas.  

Different stages of the vaccination process

The overall vaccination process can be categorized into mainly five steps or stages. Let us try to understand how Text Messaging can add value in those specific five stages. 

sms broadcast


The different stages of the vaccination process are:

  • Create awareness
  • Booking appointments
  • Sending resourceful info
  • Acknowledgement and certification
  • Relationship building

Create awareness: 

sms for hospital


SMS Broadcasting can be implemented using an SMS Gateway to create mass awareness about the importance of vaccination, the slots available and other resourceful information. SMS has a broader reach and high engagement and open rates when compared to other mediums of communication. SMS is a two-way channel as it can handle both outgoing and incoming messages.  We could have personalised conversations with the target audience and clear any of their doubts regarding the pandemic and the need for vaccination.

Booking appointments:

booking appointments

In SMS, open rates are pretty high; around 90% of people open the text messages within five minutes of receiving the message. Info on the slots available, Booking of a particular vaccination slot, Confirmation and reminders and the rescheduling of vaccination slots can be done via text messaging. Everything can be tracked properly with the help of an SMS Gateway. Sending automated text messages make the whole process much easier.

Sending resourceful info:

sending sms

Any resourceful information that might help the target audience can be shared with the masses with just one click. For example:- Info about the vaccination process, the slot timing, reminders, etc. Anything from everything that the target audience wants to know can be shared instantly so that total transparency can be maintained. A 2-way sharing of resourceful information can happen as well. People can rate their experience, their doubts and their queries about the vaccination process.   

Acknowledgement & Certification:

sms for health

The Acknowledgement and certification process can be managed well by using an SMS Gateway. Links to certificates, acknowledgement and other details can be passed on with ease. 

Relationship building:

relation building

Through SMS, you can also collect feedback and answer queries. Engagement with the targeted audience does not have to end with the completion of the vaccination process. Quality relationships could be built upon by meaningful, personalised engagement through an SMS Gateway. 

To sum up:

The use of Text Messaging in managing and improving the vaccination process is significant. But partnering with any SMS Gateway provider won’t do the trick. You would need a reliable partner who would be with you full time throughout the whole vaccination process.

Guni SMS, Australia’s No-1 SMS Gateway, would be the best choice. Their consultants provide custom made solutions and use-cases as per your requirements. They would also be providing a free campaign manager too throughout the whole vaccination process. The best part is that you would only have to pay for the SMS sent, which would be pay as you use. Guni has helped many businesses across Australia tackle the pandemic by helping them capitalising on the power of SMS.  It is safe to say that Guni would be with you and your clinic full time, catering to all your needs and requirements. 


Capitalise on the power of SMS Broadcasting with the help of Guni for free today!

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