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SMS Broadcast in E-Commerce – Importance & Application


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With the coming of digitalisation, the number of brick and motor businesses that have opted for selling their products online has increased. The Covid-19 pandemic has also acted as a catalyst in an increase of these numbers.

The more the number of players, the more fierce competition is going to be. One bad review by a customer could impact the sales and goodwill of any E-Commerce Business. Providing quality products and constantly engaging with your target audience and customers is critical for the success of these businesses.

For constant quality engagement, an effective communication medium is crucial, so SMS Broadcast comes into the picture. Text Messaging or SMS Messaging, when compared to other mediums of communication out there, has the best open rates and click-through rates. 

Using an effective SMS Broadcast Software, you could engage with your target audience with just a click.

SMS Broadcast Marketing in E-Commerce

E-commerce businesses need to be in constant contact with their target audience continuously. Since E-commerce stores don’t have a physical presence, a good amount of investment should be made in Marketing and communication.

Awareness about their brand, products, offers, promotions, etc can be conveyed with ease by using the power of SMS Broadcast. It is to be noted that 80% of the visitors to e-commerce business websites are from mobile phones. 

Communicating via SMS Broadcast can also be viewed as a personal “chat space” between the business and the customers. SMS allows 2-way personal conversations, which are progressive, but not many businesses are implementing the same.

Communicate to your target audience in real-time about new offers, products and any other resourceful information that would help in marketing via SMS Broadcasting.  With an open rate of 98% and a click-through rate of above 25%, no other communication medium delivers better ROI.

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Customer Success-Collecting Feedbacks

For the success of any business, loyal and happy customers are an important factor. For e-commerce businesses, the stakes are higher. A bad review for a product by an unhappy customer can affect the brand image and demand drastically. We have seen good reviews do wonders as well in the e-commerce space.

broadcast sms


SMS Broadcast for E-commerce Businesses is an excellent tool for ensuring that the customers have a great experience while dealing with the respective brand. Feedbacks can be collected in real-time via SMS Chat from customers. Informed decisions can be made from the feedbacks if the need be.

Providing Resourceful Information

sms in broadcast

The whole selling process can be facilitated through SMS Broadcast. When a customer buys a product, resourceful information such as the order’s status, the payment acknowledgement, the delivery date, etc can be communicated to the customer via SMS Messages. After the delivery is completed, any other post-order info can be shared as well. Effective 2-way communication and sharing of information by the customer and the business would help in total transparency and make the whole buying-selling process much smoother. 

Customer Success-Creating Profitable Relationships


sms broadcasting


SMS Broadcast Services can also be used to create meaningful engagement and profitable relationships with customers as well. For Example, as seen here, giving special discounts on birthdays is a great way to build upon the existing relationships with customers.

Follow Up-The right message at the right time

sms reply


Reaching out to customers at the right time can do wonders in the e-commerce space. Regularly following up with customers and telling them to take action based on an item or a product that they previously had their eyes on is a sales technique that businesses have used for generations.

sms chat


Using the services of SMS Broadcast Software, we can send follow-up text messages. These follow-up text messages can be automated as well. The recipient sees most SMS Text Messages within 5 minutes. SMS is an excellent tool for following up with sales prospects.

Managing Special Membership or Loyalty Groups


sms broadcast for ecommerce

The e-commerce membership or loyalty programme is a subscription model that provides ongoing special privileges, services, offers, and discounts to a particular audience for a special subscription fee in return. Many e-commerce businesses have used this model to increase sales, retention, engagement, and profitable relationships with customers.

SMS Broadcast is a great tool that can be utilised as a medium of communication to engage with these groups effectively. Sign-ups, offers and other promotional or non-promotional resourceful information can be easily shared with the masses with just one click.

Final Words

The importance and relevance of SMS Broadcasting for E-Commerce Businesses are clear as daylight. The number of people ordering products online has taken a rise with the pandemic. The E-Commerce space is going to boom. This is the best time to capitalise on the power of SMS and boost your business. Choosing the best SMS Broadcast Service Provider in Australia is critical for your business to capitalise on SMS’s capabilities to the fullest.

Guni SMS, Australia’s No-1 SMS Gateway, would be the best choice. Their consultants provide custom made solutions and use-cases as per your requirements. They would be providing a free campaign manager, too, throughout the SMS Broadcasting process. 

The best part is that you would only have to pay for the SMS sent, which would be pay as you use. Guni has helped many businesses across Australia tackle the pandemic by capitalising on the power of SMS Broadcasting. It is safe to say that Guni would be with you full time, catering to all your needs and requirements. Try Guni SMS for free Today.

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