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Where Guni is based in?

Guni is a software innovation company headquartered in Parramatta, NSW, Australia.

What is SMS gateway?

Short Message Service (SMS) gateway is a mechanism by which SMS messages are sent and received. SMS gateways facilitate and streamline text messaging processes for Short Message Service gateway is a mechanism through which you can send and receive the SMS and it mainly facilitates as well as streamlines text messaging processes for organizations

Does Guni support chat feature?

Guni does support chat feature, which enables businesses to chat realtime with their customers using SMS messaging.

How can Guni help me in sending SMS?

Guni connects mobile to the web browser, which allows you to send SMS to multiple customers at once. Furthermore, you can use a template and schedule a message to easily automate SMS messages as well. Automate your SMS communication from your back-end server!

Can I schedule the text messages to be sent later?

You can schedule your text messages to send them at the right time to the receivers but make sure to have enough credit for scheduling. You will be charged only for sending the message and not for scheduling

How Email to SMS works?

Using Guni Email to SMS service, you can send the SMS in an efficient manner by typing your message into your client email whether it is Outlook, Gmail, or any other.

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