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2- Way Messaging

Send and receive SMS directly on web browser. Integrate webhook notification with your business logic.

Bulk SMS

Upload contact list in the group and shout personalised messages to your customer base from the browser or using API.


Scheduling via browser and API. Send reminders and advance notification.

Smart SMS Solution

Guni provides the simplest and most affordable SMS solution for Australian small businesses.

Online messaging using web browser

Every day millions of businesses communicate in real-time with their customers, suppliers, and employees across the city or country through the online messaging platform. However, online messaging using the web browser can allow the businesses to send messages instantly to the people in the contact list while making it much convenient for everyone.

Connect with CRM using Zapier or API

You only need to spend a few minutes without any line of code when using Zapier as it allows you to send information between CRM connector and Zapier. Furthermore, it is much easier to connect CRM connector and Zapier as it absolutely needs zero coding experience.

Scheduling using Google Calendar or Outlook

The scheduled meetings can get interrupted without the specific address or conference room, but Google Calendar can handle everything. It is much easier to do scheduling with Google calendar or outlook as you only need the Gmail address, and you are all set to schedule the meetings.

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