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Our 2000+ customers are increasing sales, improving customer engagement, simplifying customer support and reducing no-shows with Guni's easy-to-use SMS Gateway & MMS Gateway, 2-way messages, appointment reminders and API integration.

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Start conversation with your customers and automate customer service workflows

Keyword-based workflow automates 2-way messaging with your customers when it matters most.

Start conversation with your customers and automate customer service workflows

Keyword-based workflow automates 2-way messaging with your customers when it matters most.

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We deliver the fastest and most secure SMS Gateway Service in Australia

Australia-based SMS gateway servers provide Tier-1 security and local interconnect with Telco ensures lightning-fast delivery.

line line
sms-gateway 98%

Typical Open rate

sms-gateway 33%

Click-through rate (CTR)

sms-gateway 380%

Immediate ROI

SMS Marketing promotions deliver rapid results. For a $20 investment, one of our restaurant clients ran a marketing promotion to past customers, bringing in $9000 of additional revenue in the following 14 days. That's a 45,000% return on investment.

Join the many other local businesses that have discovered the power of SMS messaging to engage with and add value to their clients.


Intuitive all-in-one SMS and MMS Web portal

Guni's online SMS gateway allows you to send and receive text, image, audio, video, gif from any web-enabled device. Send personalised messages to individuals or groups.

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What Our Customers Say

We serve our customers with different features and services such as online SMS & MMS gateway, API, integration and Email to SMS.

What is an SMS Gateway?

SMS Gateway

SMS Gateway is an online platform that revolutionizes how you send mass text messages effortlessly. It uses online connections with Australian mobile networks to deliver your messages to recipients' mobiles at once.
Our SMS Gateway is designed to cater specifically to the needs of Australian businesses, ensuring a top-notch SMS service that leaves no room for disappointment. Experience the ease and effectiveness of communication like never before. Embrace our SMS Gateway today!

Why do we need of SMS Provider?

SMS Provider offers several advantages over personal mobile or SMS GSM Hub for sending SMS messages:

  1. SMS Providers handle large-scale messaging, allowing businesses to send bulk SMS to many recipients simultaneously.
  2. SMS Gateway providers in Australia have robust infrastructure and partnerships with telecommunication networks, ensuring high message deliverability rates. They also have built-in opt-out capabilities to comply with ACMA Spam Act.
  3. Dynamic Sender IDs enable personalization, brand consistency, and increased engagement by providing recognizable sender names to recipients.

What is the price of SMS Gateway?

Guni SMS gateway has the most competitive pricing. With our pay-as-you-go pricing model, you have full control over your messaging costs, which offers discounts as your messaging volume scales up. Enjoy Guni messaging service without a monthly fee or setup fee. You will be charged per 160 characters sent out(e.g., if your message has 200 characters, you'll be billed for two sets of 160 characters). For more information, please visit our pricing page.

Choose SMS Gateway in Australia from Guni

Choosing the right SMS gateway for your business is a critical decision that can significantly impact customer communication. Guni helps your business grow and enhance customer engagement with high-quality SMS service.

  1. We provide a robust infrastructure and a track record of high message deliverability rates.
  2. We comply with Australian Communications and media authority Law and implemented July 2022 ACMA rules.
  3. Our API and integration capabilities are critical for seamless integration with your existing systems. A well-documented API simplifies the process and saves time and resources.
  4. Our SMS Gateway campaign manager provides personalization and customization options that allow you to tailor messages to individual recipients.
  5. Advance Analytics and reporting features provide valuable insights into your SMS campaigns' performance, such as deliveries, responses, opt-outs and clicks.
  6. Guni is an Australian SMS service provider with onshore servers and local telco connections to ensure Tier-1 secure messaging.