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What is an MMS?

MMS-Multimedia Messaging Service can help your business send Multimedia Messages or Rich Media Content directly to any mobile device out there around the world. You could send text, images, small videos and audio. You could include all these elements in your MMS Message and forward the same to your respective target audience. Like SMS Messaging, MMS Messaging is also sent via a mobile network connection.

Advantages of MMS Messaging

What is MMS Marketing?

Through MMS Marketing, your business could send rich media messages or content such as Text, Audio, Video and Pictures to the masses with just one click. Today 66.85% of the whole population in the world use mobile phones. Around 18 million MMS messages are sent every minute. Due to its global reach and effectiveness, MMS Marketing gaining popularity among marketers. The best medium or platform to do MMS Marketing is through an MMS Gateway. By Using Guni’s MMS Gateway, your business can send millions of MMS at once with a click to your target audience. You could also have personalised conversations with your target audience through our MMS Gateway. Through MMS Message Marketing, you could showcase your products and services to your prospective customers in a better and effective way as you would be able to send Rich Media Content.

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Multimedia Messaging VS Other Mediums

MMS Text Messaging in Business

Different businesses can use MMS Text Messaging to improve their sales, marketing, customer success and business communication.
Use cases/solutions based on engagement or communication can be used as per the custom requirements of businesses.

MMS Text Messaging for Business communication

Multimedia Messages can be utilised for business in many ways. It is more engaging than other communication mediums because you could include rich media content in your messages. Pictures, GIFs, Audio, Video and Text, can be used to make your messages more impactful. After all, a picture or a video tells a thousand words, than a plain simple text.

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MMS Text Messaging for Marketing & Sales

With an open rate of 98%, Sending the right MMS message at the right time to the right target audience can do wonders for a business. When you compare the open rates, click-through rates and response rates for MMS Messages, it is no surprise that more and more companies are utilising MMS Messages for Marketing their products and services. The advantage of having personalised two-way conversations with your target audience is the cherry on top

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MMS Text Messaging for Customer Success

Customer Success or customer service is an integral part of any organisation out there. You could follow up with your existing customers by regularly getting in touch with them and understanding their feedback and further needs. Our MMS Gateway would allow you to send automated Multimedia Messages to your existing customers at a regular interval. Through MMS Messaging for Customer Service, you would be able to cross-sell and up-sell with ease.

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You could capitalise on MMS Messaging for your Business in many ways. MMS Messaging for Business can be used in Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and Business Communication. Guni as an MMS Messaging Service provider, Provides you with many use-cases and solutions based on the same.

The target audience of any business would be big in numbers. You could send Bulk MMS Messages to the masses using Guni's MMS Gateway with just one click.

We provide both a web portal as well as a mobile application for MMS Broadcast Messaging. You could integrate our MMS Messaging Gateway with your existing platforms or software for free.

Guni's MMS Gateway Mobile Application can be used on both IOS and Android.

Yes, you can integrate our MMS Messaging Gateway to your Existing platforms and applications.

For MMS Image:-3000kb. For MMS GIF Image:-1024 kb. For MMS Audio :- 10000 kb. MMS Video:-50000kb. MMS Text:- 5000 characters.

Yes. We have world-class consultants who analyse your business processes and provide you with custom-made MMS communication use-cases/solutions for free.

Yes, you can use your business name or brand name as your sender id. We provide dedicated numbers as well.

You would know the same via email notifications. You would also get notifications from our MMS Gateway Web portal and Mobile Application.

Yes, you can use the inbox feature in our MMS Gateway to have personalised conversations.

Yes, you would. Guni's SMS Gateway would provide you with detailed reports about your ongoing and past MMS campaigns.

Not at all. Our MMS Gateway is designed in such a way that anyone can utilise it.

Yes, we do provide campaign managers if the need be.

We pride ourselves on giving quality customer service to our customers or the businesses we partner with. We provide a dedicated customer success manager.

Yes, we do comply with the laws of the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). We provide an opt-out option in all our text messages that are sent.

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