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Increase appointment visits

SMS message reminders have shown more than a 50% improvement in cases where patients forget or miss their doctor’s appointment.

Streamlined functionality

Get straightforward & smart solutions to help lead staff, send critical notifications or more

Secured Patient Data

Two-factor authentication can be used to protect your patients and clinic’s valuable data.

How SMS is changing Healthcare System

According to a detailed study of FICO, around 80% of people are willing to opt for smartphone interaction with their healthcare provider.

  • With SMS we can improve patient communications

    SMS is proven as the most effective way of communicating in the healthcare sector with which we can send patients their date of appointment, test reports, medications, appointment reminders, educational campaigns and more

  • Use Two-way conversational SMS messaging to contact your patients

    With One-to-One interaction with patients, you can easily stay updated about your patient’s status. You can even discuss issues over SMS messages to reduce clinic visits.

  • Rich messaging can help share more information.

    SMS messages can be an accurate way to deliver information to patients and get access to major resources.

Streamline the Interaction with Text Messaging for Healthcare Services

No matter what industry you serve, time will always be the most substantial element of a communication cycle. Nonetheless, it is a prerequisite in the healthcare sector where every minute counts. Any minor discrepancy can cause you to lose the financial hold of your healthcare venture.

To help resolve this, GuniSMS offers customised healthcare SMS solutions for smooth regulation of essential tasks. We tailor text messaging for medical organisations such as hospitals, senior care facilities, dental clinics, private healthcare institutions, and other healthcare bodies that conduct a complex communication mode.

Tailored SMS Solutions for Healthcare Businesses

We prepare a custom SMS plan for your healthcare business to generate a dynamic communication process between your staff and patients. We have spent a fair share of time in this space and hence understand that different healthcare organisations operate in multiple ways. Therefore, we specialise in providing customised healthcare SMS solutions for general medical practices, dental clinics, pathology labs, mental health facilities, chiropractic experts, and physiotherapy practitioners.

Our comprehensive text messaging services cover appointment alerts, medication reminders, patient-oriented notifications, and more. Aside from this, we also create a messaging system for your staff to keep the automated interaction sheer and sound.