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SMS Over Email? 6 Powerful Reasons To Make a Switch In 2021

For the past decade, businesses have used Email as a traditional medium of communication to reach audiences and target the masses. However, with the usage of mobile phones on the rise, SMS messaging is gaining popularity. Businesses nowadays are slowly shifting towards SMS Gateways to communicate with their key stakeholders, enhance Customer Success and improving their respective processes. Here are 10 reasons why you should prefer SMS over Email for your businesses in 2021.


sms marketingHere is a glimpse of the increase in the usage of smartphones.


6 Reasons To Switch From Email To SMS In 2021


1. Higher Open Rate

text over email


Emails are great. They serve as a great foundation to conduct formal communications. But if you compare the open rates of emails over SMS, the latter wins. Not many open emails as soon as they reach their inbox. If it is a sales email, most recipients don’t even open the email. Most of the time, the emails land in the spam folder, and the recipient hardly checks on it. ’83% of millennials cite opening a text within 90 seconds of receiving it.’’

How many times have you opened a text message the minute it pops on your screen and got a glimpse of the content and context within seconds?  “At around 90%, the SMS open rate is almost triple that of the average email open rate.”


2. Higher Response Rate

sms email

 ‘’It takes 90 seconds for someone to respond to a text and 90 minutes to respond to an email.’’  Replying to a text message is easy when you compare it to an email. Since the content and the text message context is precise and crisp, it takes the recipient just a couple of seconds to understand the same and reply swiftly.


3. Precise and Crisp

The great thing about email is that you can send long messages. But the question is, does your recipients read the full message? With text messages, you would have to convey the content and the context within a limit of just 160 characters. This means that your message should be precise and crisp. The recipient can read through the message with just a glimpse and take the necessary actions required.


4. Cost-Effective

bulk sms

Most people think that Emails are more cost-effective than Text Messaging. But to send bulk emails, businesses would have to invest in Email broadcasting tools or platforms, which are costly. You would also have to avail of the services of campaign managers or marketing agencies too. Text Messaging service providers such as Guni SMS provide SMS for the rate of 0.03 cents per SMS. Guni also provides free campaign managers. Hence when you compare the costs, text messaging is a cost-effective option. 

5. The best medium for marketing

send sms

SMS engagement rate when compared to Email and Social Media.


Email marketing has an open rate of only 20%, while SMS Marketing open rates come to 98%. SMS marketing market is expected to grow to $83.03 billion by 2024. Furthermore, customers prefer to know more about offers, discounts, and promotions through text messaging rather than emails.

 ‘’SMS produces engagement rates six to eight times higher than email marketing when used for redemption, data collection, and brand awareness.’’

6. Greater Reach


sms rate


 Less than 3% of SMS messages are marked as spam, while almost 50% of emails are filtered as spam. Furthermore, the recipient would need an internet connection and an email account to be contacted via email. But for text messaging, any ordinary mobile phone with a sim connection is only required. Your target audience doesn’t need an internet connection to send or receive the message. Thus you can target a wider audience across the globe.  


Wrapping Up

social sms


In short, Text messaging is a better alternative when compared to Email. SMS Marketing is the best option for businesses looking to survive the current pandemic and take advantage of the economic boom that’s coming. 


‘’SMS marketing grew by 8.5% and 20% in March and April 2020, respectively, in response to the Pandemic.’’

If your business is trying to capitalise on the positive impact of SMS Marketing, then Guni SMS, which is the number one SMS Gateway in Australia, is the go-to service provider.

The consultants at Guni offers custom made solutions as per the requirements of your business. Whether it be for Marketing, Sales, Improving customer success or processes, Guni would be the best effective alternative regarding cost and ROI. Sign up with Guni for free today and add value to your business. 



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