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The Birth of Guni.

Like many startups, this one was formed to solve an important problem.

Across many mind-numbing Australian lockdown days, our Founder Kapil Sharma identified a common problem amongst many Australian small businesses. Having many contacts in the small business sector, he found they all had communication frustrations. In particular, they were struggling to effectively communicate with their coworkers and their customers.

Through constant frustration sharing and communication, Kapil had a light bulb moment. He decided to apply his 13 years of telecom experience turning it into a solution for the small businesses of Australia. Combining his rich knowledge of SMS communication and software, a groundbreaking SMS gateway service provider, Guni was born.

Today, Guni makes sure small Australian businesses are heard, for less than the price of a cup of coffee. Send 3.7 cent per message, we make sure you can send marketing campaigns or order confirmations, without breaking your bank balance.

Mission and Vision

All of the team behind Guni are continually evolving to provide the latest cutting edge software to allow your business to expand, and your communication to be amplified.

Here at Guni, these three points serve as our mantra for effective bulk SMS:

  • Affordable Service Nowadays, PAY AS USE. When necessary, we must avoid unforeseen additional costs when it comes to SMS.
  • Simple to use Irrespective of your sources such as web, backend, CRM, calendar, or email, sending SMS should be straightforward to do.
  • Fast to Send Through smart technology, SMS must be distributed within milliseconds to allow your message to get across quickly.


At Guni, we’re obsessed about fulfilling your small business’s needs.

  • SMS Bulk Marketing Campaigns
  • SMS straight from your web browser
  • Automation with email, calendar and CRM.


At Guni, we believe in the power of collaboration.

Team up with us for an affordable SMS marketing solution.

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