Case Study: How Guni Helped AJAX Football Club in Albert Park, Victoria, Raise Donations


AJAX Football Club, located in Albert Park, Victoria, had undertaken a significant project to construct new toilet facilities and additional amenities for their members and fans. However, securing the necessary funds through traditional methods took a lot of work. Social media campaigns were costly, and email marketing needed higher open rates. Recognizing the urgency, AJAX team reached out to Guni for an innovative solution.


  • Quickly generate funds for the club’s new facilities.
  • Navigate the issues of high-cost social media promotions and ineffective email campaigns.


Guni’s team, with their expertise, developed a tailored approach:

  1. Contact Import and Organization: Guni worked meticulously with AJAX to import and optimize their contact list, ensuring targeted outreach.
  2. Tailored Content: Acknowledging the previous email campaign’s shortcomings, Guni curated highly personalized content that emphasized the communal benefits of the new facilities and the essential role of individual contributors.
  3. Real-time Response Management: To keep momentum, Guni assisted in addressing responses immediately, ensuring queries or donation intentions were answered.
  4. A Special Offer: To spur donations, Guni proposed a unique incentive: for every donation of $1000, the club would place a commemorative nameplate in the new facility. This offer appealed to both individual pride and a sense of community legacy.


In a remarkably short span of three hours post-launch, the campaign garnered enthusiastic responses. AJAX secured commitments from 25 to 31 community members, each donating $1000.


Alida Lipton, AJAX Football Club, President

Guni’s approach to fundraising SMS campaign for AJAX was commendable. As a long-time supporter of the club, I was impressed with how quickly the SMS campaign helped us to reach our audience and helped us to achieve our goals.


With Guni’s help, AJAX Football Club ran a successful SMS campaign. In just a short time, and without spending a lot, they got great results. It shows that with the right approach, you can do a lot with a little.

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