Angel Insurance Brokers achieved 31% sales during the pandemic by switching their engagement channel to Guni SMS.

What started in 2015 as a small business to help people cater to insurance and risk management has now become the most considered insurance broker across Australia. Situated in Burnside, VIC, this business has become home to multiple clients due to its exceptional customer experience.

The Challenge

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected many Industries severely, with the Insurance industry being one of them. Insurance can be defined as putting a price to a particular risk. The pandemic’s effect on the Insurance sector was a mix of positive and negative. Many people realised the need to insure themselves against the pandemic. Still, at the same time, the number of claims increased as well.

Angel Insurance Brokers wanted to drive their sales and increase their brand awareness as much as possible and at the same time improve upon the management and relationship with their current customer portfolio. 

Angel Insurance Brokers understood that meaningful engagement with their customers is critical for their survival. The only medium of communication they had was email, but it was not effective enough. Sending bulk emails was not an option as email marketing platforms were costly, and it was against the Spam and Telemarketing laws of Australia. They didn’t find any luck with social media as well. The use of social media did not give the expected results.

The Solution

The consultants at Guni studied the business and the specific requirements, created custom-made use-cases/solutions, and implemented the same with the help of an SMS Gateway.

  • Customer Success– The consultants at Guni implemented a customer success methodology with the help of an SMS Gateway. The whole customer success journey was mapped out, and use-cases were implemented. The brokers at Angel Insurance Brokers could engage with their existing customer base and assist them with resourceful information.
  • Awareness & Education– To drive better sales, it is essential to educate users on the investment opportunities in front of them. With Guni’s bulk marketing campaign, Angel Insurance Brokers created awareness about their brand’s USPs, benefits and any other resourceful information to a broader targeted audience with a simple click.

One of the Brokers at Angel Insurance Brokers stated: ‘’ The consultants at Guni sat down with us and tried to understand our overall processes. I was really impressed by the commitment they showed. It was like getting a professional consultancy service for free. Guni is much more than an SMS Gateway”.

The Impact

Angel Insurance Brokers understood the importance of SMS in Financial Services with the help of Guni SMS.  

  • The sales saw an increase of 31%.
  • Acquisition of new customers increased by 14% as a result of the Marketing Campaigns.
  • 95% of the already existing customer base gave an average review rating of 4.5 out of 5 based on their brand experience with Angel Insurance Brokers.

The marketing head at Angel Insurance Brokers stated, ‘’ We all were amazed at how effective SMS is. The quality of service offered by Guni SMS has been exceptional. Partnering with Guni has been one of the best decisions taken by us during this pandemic phase.’’

Here are a few samples from the use-cases implemented. 

case study

Impact! 90% replied with a “YES”.


case study


Impact! 41% replied with a “YES”.

case study

Impact! 21% replied with ‘YES”


Was your business affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic?  Are you looking to bounce back?

Are you looking to increase customer loyalty through meaningful engagement?

Do you want to capitalise on the power of SMS broadcasting to improve your business?


Let us help you for free. Guni can help you double up on sales, improve customer and brand experience with the help of an SMS Gateway. Call us today!

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