SMS Text Messaging

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What is SMS Text Messaging

SMS or short messaging service is a way of text messaging in which people communicate with each other by using two mobile phones. By using your mobile number as your identity, you could send SMS Text Messages to any other mobile number out there. As of today, 5.27 billion people use mobile phones. That is 66.85% of the total population in the whole world. Imagine if your business could communicate personally via SMS Text Messaging with all of these people? The possibilities are endless. By partnering with Guni, your business could target all the mobile phones in the world with a click by using our SMS Messaging Gateway. You could send personalised SMS Text Messages to your target audience and have 2-way conversations. It is estimated that 3.5 trillion SMS Text Business Messages will be sent by 2023. More and more businesses now understand the importance of capitalising on the power of SMS Text messages for engaging with their customers as well as other key stakeholders.

Why should your business capitalise on SMS Text Messaging ?

SMS Text Messaging VS other Mediums of communiction

SMS Text Messaging in Business

Different businesses can use SMS Text Messaging to improve their sales, marketing, customer success and business communication. Use cases/solutions based on engagement or communication can be used as per the custom requirements of businesses.

SMS Text Messaging for Marketing & Sales

SMS Text Messaging is an excellent medium for engaging with prospective customers or your target audience and creating brand awareness for your product or services. Most customers prefer SMS Messaging for receiving promotional messages, offers and discounts. With an open rate of 98%, no other medium of communication has a better engagement rate. You could use Guni's SMS Gateway to send Bulk Text Messages to your target audience with just one click. Your business could also send personalised Sales & Marketing Messages to your target audience and have two-way conversations with our SMS Gateway. SMS Broadcast Messaging has the best click-through rates as well.

SMS Text Messaging for Business communication

SMS Messaging is an excellent way of formally communicating to the key stakeholders of your business. Whether it be internal communication or external communication, SMS Messaging is efficient and convenient . SMS has a lower spam rate when compared to email. It would take about a couple of seconds for someone to understand the content and context of an SMS Message and, on an average of 90 seconds, to respond back. The time that would be taken for an email for the same would be more. SMS Messaging is an excellent tool for real-time two-way conversations as well. Sending SMS doesn't require an internet connection or an email account. Sending Bulk SMS Messages through Guni's SMS Gateway is far more cost-effective than sending bulk emails on email marketing platforms.

SMS Text Messaging for Customer Success

SMS Messages are a great way of keeping in touch with your existing customers and build profitable quality relationships. You could have personalised two-way conversations with your current customers with the help of our SMS Gateway. You could also collect feedback or reviews as well, which would help your business improve its service quality. Understanding your customer's processes better would also help in up-selling and cross-selling.Automated Text Messages are a great way of keeping in touch with your customers at regular intervals.

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What is SMS Marketing?

SMS Marketing is the way of communicating your business's products, services, discounts, and offers through SMS Messaging Campaigns. Through SMS Marketing, you could send bulk messages to your target audience with just one click. The best tool to do SMS Marketing is through an SMS Gateway Service Provider. Through Guni's SMS Gateway, you could do SMS Marketing and reach the masses with just a click. With 5.27 people using mobile phones all over the world, SMS Marketing has a global reach. SMS Marketing also has the best open rates, click-through rates and ROI.

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You could capitalise on SMS Messaging for your Business in many ways. SMS Messaging for Business can be used in Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and Business Communication. Guni as an SMS Messaging Service provider, Provides you with many use-cases and solutions based on the same.

The target audience of any business would be big in numbers. You could send Bulk SMS Text Messages to the masses using Guni's SMS Gateway with just one click.

We provide both a web portal as well as a mobile application for SMS Broadcast Messaging. You could integrate our SMS Messaging Gateway with your existing platforms or software for free.

Guni's SMS Gateway Mobile Application can be used on both IOS and Android.

Yes, you can integrate our SMS Messaging Gateway to your Existing platforms and applications.

The character limit is 1000 characters per message.

Yes. We have world-class consultants who analyse the processes of your business and provide you with custom made communication use-cases/solutions for free.

Yes, you can use your business name or brand name as your sender id. We provide dedicated numbers as well.

You would know the same via email notifications. You would also get notifications from our SMS Gateway Web portal and Mobile Application.

Yes, you can use the inbox feature in our SMS Gateway to have personalised conversations.

Yes, you would. Guni's SMS Gateway would provide you with detailed reports about your ongoing and past SMS campaigns.

Not at all. Our SMS Gateway is designed in such a way that anyone can utilise it.

Yes, we do provide campaign managers if the need be.

We pride ourselves on giving quality customer service to our customers or the businesses we partner with. We provide a dedicated customer success manager.

Yes, we do comply with the laws of the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). We provide an opt-out option in all our text messages that are sent.