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While being a part of a marketing campaign, SMS can get up to 30% click-through rates.

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to attract more customers.

Customised solutions

How SMS marketing is helping hundreds of businesses

Marketing with personalised SMS messages is having a better open rate than
any other direct or indirect marketing channel. Your offers can be directly
consumed by customers via SMS messages.
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  • E-commerce and Retail businesses

    Give your customers customised offers directly to their mobile and present them an interactive experience to seek interest in your business & products.

  • Hair, Nail and Beauty salons

    Send exciting deals and promotions to your customers to increase sales and return visits.

  • Automated

    Get a significant boost to your dealership by sending personalised SMS messages. This will help you to reach the buyers directly with irresistible offers.

  • Engage Sponsors

    You can run not-for-profit campaigns to get in touch with donors and sponsors with real-time management through SMS

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An SMS Boost for Your Marketing Campaigns

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The conventional tools for advertising are way too expensive for short-spanned marketing campaigns. On the contrary, the latest decorum of promotional practices is still making its way through the comprehensive mindset of your audience. Text messaging marketing is that one straightforward methodology that works both ways. You get to save your resources and time on postal arrangements and emailing when you have an automated SMS messaging service for your campaign. Let’s not forget the drastically fast response rate from the customers you can record from text message communication.

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GuniSMS is here to assist marketing agencies with a customised SMS service that can elevate user engagement just like that! You can promote your wide range of products, amazing services, and alert your users about the latest additions in your collection with a campaign-specific text messaging service. All you need is the right SMS plan for your marketing campaigns, and you can see the results you aspire for your campaign.

How Text Messaging Services Help Marketing Agencies?

Text message marketing is considered the most secure form of marketing with the highest open rate. The reason is that there are no middle bodies in the communication look, and you get to connect directly with the audience. Expert analysts claim that more than 98% of customers receive the messages andalmost 90% of users open the text within a few minutes of the delivery.

The success rate of SMS marketing is way higher than the engagement rate of email marketing that winds up to an approximate figure of 30%. Hence, this SMS deal is the right option to seal, given that you choose the right text messaging services for your business campaign.

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Why Partner with Guni SMS?

Why Partner with Guni SMS?

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