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How SMS has evolved Travel and Hospitality standards

According to a survey around 64% of regular customers are having thoughts of conversing with businesses more often via SMS messages

  • Keep your Customers engaged

    You can easily modify your CRM to automate common workflow communication including common questions, requests, important and crucial information, enhancing loyalty opportunities and more.

  • Strengthen your marketing

    You can instantly provide information like crazy deals, irresistible offers and security events to your customer’s mobile.

  • Entire staff’s roster

    Coordinate with staff by sending shift timings, reminders and notifications and even schedule the confirmations to keep your business organised

  • Safety of Data

    SMS messages helps to keep your community safe and protect personal data of both customers and the business

Facilitate Faster Hotel Bookings with a Travel Text Messaging Service

No matter what business territory you cover through your products and services, customers are vital. In fact, customer service becomes a prerequisite when you run a travel-oriented or hotel business. These are the sectors that require constant communication with the users, and you must keep a fixed log of timings. GuniSMS understands the need for scalability in your operational system, and therefore we have customised our SMS solutions as per your hotel and travel ventures. Keep a quick record of interaction with hundreds of users and manage it whenever you want.

Our travel and hotel SMS solutions can help you boost your customer services by enabling effective communication between you and your staff members. You can interact with your team conveniently and operate faster to maximise the efficiency of your services. The calculation behind improved hotel bookings is fairly simple. All you need is an automated SMS strategy, which will allow you to focus on other operational aspects of your business. Our SMS services are specifically designed for travel agencies, tour planning firms, B&Bs, holiday resorts, motels, and other places that require prior reservation.

What to Expect with our Text Messaging Services for Travel & Hotels

If you sign up for GuniSMS bulk SMS and custom text messaging services, you are entitled to the following benefits for your business:

  • You can notify your customers about the last-minute changes, offers, deals, and other crucial updates that can persuade your customers to change their minds. You can promote this like an SMS campaign and get the outcomes you were aiming for.
  • The booking confirmation is the most prominent part of your services and you can easily manage it through our tailored SMS solutions. You get to inform your customers about the booking status as per their requirements.
  • Payment reminders, travel alerts, and booming details are some other vital aspects that consume a lot of your time if you don’t have an automated SMS service.