How Gunisms Helped Sunboost Achieve a 30% Increase in Customer Engagement during Sales

Sunboost case study

The search for alternative energy solutions has never been more pressing in the wake of rising energy costs and growing concerns about environmental sustainability. As governments, businesses, and individuals explore various options, solar power emerges as a frontrunner in renewable energy. Among companies leading the charge in Australia’s solar revolution is Sunboost (—a pioneer in providing affordable and highly efficient solar power systems for both residential and commercial spaces.

When Communication Speed and Reliability Become Deal-breakers: Navigating the Obstacles at SunBoost

For us, SMS is far more than just an auxiliary communication channel; it’s an essential lifeline that fosters immediate connection with our customers for real-time updates and swift decision-making. In such a demanding landscape, our needs are clear: an SMS provider must not only be fast and reliable but also offer localized support and the agility to adapt to our evolving business requirements.

Regrettably, our former provider was not up to this task. The shortcomings we encountered had far-reaching implications, affecting both our sales and brand reputation. Specifically, the challenges were:

  • Missed Opportunities: We noticed a disconcerting trend of missed ‘hot deals,’ primarily because crucial SMS notifications were delayed or, worse, never delivered. This resulted in lost sales opportunities that could have otherwise significantly impacted our bottom line.
  • Unreliable Service: The failure of our former SMS provider to consistently deliver messages on time was not just an operational hiccup; it was a serious flaw that undermined customer trust and reliability in our services.
  • Slow Adaptability: In a field where quick adaptation to market needs is vital, our previous provider’s inability to keep pace with our changing communication requirements further hindered our operational efficiency.

The cumulative effect of these issues created a significant bottleneck in our operations, not just leading to lost sales but also tarnishing our hard-earned market reputation. In today’s fast-paced renewable energy sector, having a robust and efficient communication system isn’t a luxury—it’s a must-have, and it was evident that our existing SMS solution fell woefully short.

Crafting a Tailored Solution: The Gunisms Approach to Resolving SunBoost’s Challenges

When SunBoost reached a tipping point with their customer communication woes, our team at Gunisms was committed to developing a tailor-made, feature-rich solution that would cater to their unique needs.

Comprehensive Evaluation

Our detailed analysis of SunBoost’s existing SMS usage provided us with invaluable insights into their specific requirements, speed being a key factor. This served as the blueprint for our customized solution.

CRM Integration

We integrated our SMS platform seamlessly with SunBoost’s existing CRM, streamlining the sending and receiving of SMS messages. This ended the delays that had become a bottleneck in their customer communication.

Real-Time Notifications and Webhooks

Our robust SMS gateway enabled real-time delivery notifications and incoming SMS via webhooks. SunBoost could now act on customer interactions instantaneously.

Dynamic Sales Rep Mapping

We built a custom SMS feature that allowed the assignment of sales reps to particular leads or customer queries dynamically. This feature was instrumental in helping their sales reps to follow up with leads and communicate more effectively with customers.

Multimedia Support

Recognizing that visual information is often crucial in the renewable energy sector, we enabled the capability for customers to send images—whether it be of their house, roof, or utility bills—directly to sales reps via text. Our system forwarded these images directly to a webhook and also embedded them in email notifications, allowing for a richer, more informative customer interaction.

Email Alerts for Sales Reps

Sales reps received immediate email notifications whenever a customer replied via SMS. These email alerts included any attached images directly embedded in the email body, offering a comprehensive view of customer interactions.

Measurable Results: The Impact of Gunisms on SunBoost’s Operations

The true test of any solution lies in the tangible benefits it brings to the table. In the case of SunBoost, the results of implementing our custom SMS solution were nothing short of remarkable:

Accelerated Quoting Process

By enabling customers to send images of their house, roof, and utility bills directly via text, SunBoost saw a 31% increase in image receipts. This visual data expedited their quoting process, allowing the sales team to send quotes 17% faster than before.

Cost Efficiency

Our optimized SMS gateway also led to financial benefits, manifesting in a 10% reduction in SunBoost’s SMS sending costs. This created room in their budget for other critical business operations and growth initiatives.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

One of the most striking impacts has been the heightened level of customer engagement. Our solution facilitated easier booking of calls, more efficient follow-ups, and a streamlined process for gathering customer reviews.

What SunBoost Has to Say

“Guni and Kapil collaborated closely with our technical team and delivered exactly what we needed in an impressively short timeframe. The level of customer support we’ve received from them is unparalleled; it’s the best we’ve ever experienced. We thoroughly enjoy working with Guni and Kapil and would happily recommend them to any company dealing with high volumes and custom requirements.

In Summary: Transforming Challenges into Opportunities

In a highly competitive and fast-paced industry like renewable energy, SunBoost needed a solution that was as agile and reliable as they are. That’s where Gunisms stepped in. Through a thorough analysis, seamless integration, and custom features, we addressed their specific challenges. The result? A more efficient quoting process, cost savings, and a level of customer engagement that sets new industry standards.

This case study is more than just a success story; it’s proof that the right technology and partnership can convert obstacles into avenues for growth and innovation. If you’re facing similar challenges in your customer communication, remember: you don’t have to go it alone.

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