The Power of SMS Broadcasting

SMS Broadcasting is the method of communicating to the masses or the respective target audience by sending bulk SMS or Text messages simultaneously. You can utilise SMS Broadcasting in a business for Sales, Marketing, Customer Success and processes. Broadcasting Text Messages is an effective way of engaging with a large target audience cost-effectively. The best platform to do SMS Broadcasting is through an SMS Gateway. Using an effective SMS Broadcast Service, you can reach your target audience with just one click.

Engage Better


Reach your target audience with just a click by using SMS Broadcast services with Guni. With an open rate of more than 90%, Guni SMS ensures better engagement rates.


Personalised Conversations


Have personalised 2-way conversations with your target audience with the help of our SMS Gateway. You can get access to the replies and converse personally with your audience.

Relationship Building


Build profitable relationships with your target audience by capitalising on the power of SMS. By using our SMS Gateway, you can send automated personalised messages at a regular interval.


Enagage with your customers through our SMS broadcast services

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At Guni, we provide the best SMS Gateway in Australia.You can target all the mobile phones globally within a click by using our SMS Broadcast Services. You can automate your broadcast messages using our SMS Gateway and also interact personally with your target audience one on one. We provide consultants who would be providing your assistance and custom made solutions based on your requirements. By utilising our Online SMS Broadcast software, you can increase your sales, improve upon your Customer Relationships and refine your Business Communication processes. We would also provide you with a free Campaign Manager that would assist you in your SMS Broadcasts.

Guni SMS has partnered with many businesses all across Australia and has made a positive impact by utilising the power of SMS. Partner with us and let us help add value to your business.

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SMS Broadcasting for Industries

Why Partner with Guni SMS?


When it comes to product quality, our sms gateway delivers an exceptional experience.


Everything we do revolves around our customers. we aim to add value in terms of engagement and growth with the help of our sms gateway.


Our tools and solutions are continuously updated as per the demands and needs of our clients and their requirements.


our team is available round the clock to assist you at all times. we provide a dedicated customer success manager. To cater to personalized requirements, we also provide consultants, which is the cherry on top.


Guni sms will provide you with a dedicated campaign manager for sms marketing or sms broadcasting.


We understand that all businesses are unique, and so are their requirements, and thus our consultants offer customized solutions.

Data Privacy

our Tier-1 security measures ensure that data of any kind or type is always safeguarded. we follow GDPR and ACMA guidelines.


our sms gateway helps you make data-driven decisions. let it be for sms marketing or sms broadcasting or sms for customer service or sms for processes.


You can set up our sms gateway within just 5 minutes. Engage globally within just 5 minutes.


All our consultants have an average experience of 3 years in their respective domains. we take pride in solving problems with an empathetic perception.


SMS broadcasting is the process of sending bulk SMS messages to a large group of people at once. It is commonly used for marketing, advertising, promotions, and customer engagement.

SMS broadcasting works by sending messages through an SMS gateway to a list of mobile phone numbers. The gateway routes the messages to the appropriate mobile network, and the messages are then delivered to the intended recipients. What are the benefits of using SMS broadcasting?

The benefits of using SMS broadcasting include high open rates, cost-effectiveness, improved customer engagement, increased sales, and the ability to reach customers in real-time.

To create an SMS broadcast campaign, you will need to choose an SMS provider and create a list of mobile phone numbers to receive the messages. You will then write the content of your message and schedule the broadcast for delivery.

To measure the success of your SMS broadcast campaign, you can use metrics such as open rates, response rates, and conversion rates. You can also use reporting and analytics tools provided by your SMS provider to track the performance of your campaign.

The best practices for SMS broadcasting include creating a targeted list of recipients, writing clear and concise messages, personalizing messages where possible, and respecting opt-in/opt-out preferences. It is also important to follow all relevant laws and regulations, such as the Australian Spam Act.