As Convenient
as you need

As Convenient
as you need

Guni made Email to SMS as easy as composing an Email.

Get more from Email

Send & receive text, images, audio and Video via Email.

Hassel-Free Texting

Start text conversations without login & installing an application.

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Effective messaging for your business

Effective messaging for your business

Streamline critical messaging such as follow-up, reminder, notification, and confirmation.

Texting from Email alerting tool

Notify stakeholders via SMS without installing additional software or programming.

Automate SMS content conversion

Email to SMS allows to include or exclude subject and remove signature and disclaimers.

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Fastest Texting
with Any Email

Fastest Texting
with Any Email

Guni's Email to SMS is the fastest way to send text messages.

Vital messages reach on time

Delivered your SMS with lightning-fast delivery.

Communicate without compromise

Secure your conversation with our onsite data processing and direct connection to Australian Telcos.

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Join the many other local businesses that have discovered the power of SMS messaging to engage with and add value to their clients.

Email to SMS Use Cases

alert notification
Alerts &

Send critical SMS to keep stakeholders
up-to-date and informed when it matters most.

sms notification
SMS for

SMS is the fastest way to inform the
service status of a production system.

Support and Service
Support &

Improve your customer experience
with 2-way text messaging.

How to Start Sending SMS in less than 5 minutes?


Create an account with Guni

Create an account with an email or just your mobile number. Activate Email to SMS, API and sender ID from an easy-to-use web portal.


Start sending

Add message templates, upload your contact groups and send. Receive replies by email and communicate with your audience from your inbox.



Easy reporting provides detailed engagement reports on clicks, opt-outs, and most engaged contacts with the campaign.

What is Email to SMS?

What is the maximum length of an Email to be converted into an SMS message?

Guni supports up to 1200 characters in one SMS request. Your message will be charged per 160 characters. You can configure it to convert to text email subject, body only or both.

Are there any additional fees associated with using Email to SMS?

Guni does not charge extra to use Email to SMS service. You will be charged for outgoing SMS. Please visit for more information on SMS calculation - SMS count.
We offer pay & go-easy pricing with no monthly or setup fee. For example, the most dependable SMS gateway, SMS broadcast, and text messaging service in Australia are Guni SMS, renowned for its highly scalable SMS marketing solutions. They offer free trials and you can get 30 texts for free!

What is the format for an email to be converted into an SMS message?

It's just as easy to send an email as it is to convert it to text. You can configure it to include email subject only, email body or both. Better to remove the signature, disclaimer and media file to avoid extra cost.

Can I receive a reply to an SMS message sent through Email to SMS?

Yes, if the receiver receives the SMS message, the reply will be forwarded to the email address that was used to send the original message.

Is Email to SMS secure?

Email to SMS has security and privacy constraints, although they are both secure. If maintaining secrecy is essential for your communication, it is advisable to encrypt your Email or, if accessible, utilize a website's secure email form.
Email and text communications are encrypted. The wireless networks handled by cell operators are safe and secure, and the carriers have strict safeguards to stop anyone from misusing network technology.

How does Email to SMS work?

Sending Email to SMS is easy as sending Email to Email. Send an Email to, for example, Afterwards, the Guni SMS gateway converts the email content and sends it to the mobile number. The message will arrive as a standard SMS text from the recipient's phone.

Can I send attachments by Email to SMS?

Sorry, sending attachments through Email to SMS is not possible. Just text messages are to be sent using this system.

What are the benefits of Email to SMS?

  1. You don't need to install software or pay licensing fees!

  2. Without leaving your preferred email client, you can send SMS messages.

  3. A simple method for employees to send business-related SMS texts and "bill" the firm.

  4. Simple to use. There is no need to import or upload contact files when managing recipients in your email contact management.

  5. Use it to send immediate group broadcasts.

  6. Via your email client, keep track of every communication sent and received.

  7. Extremely economical and effective compared to physically calling everyone.

  8. Access to customer service and technical assistance from Australia.