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Spread Information in no time with our Broadcast SMS updates

Use bulk messaging to keep your community well informed.

One-to-One SMS communication

You can easily communicate with students or parents to discuss any issues like absence, assignments and more.

Send Events and Courses Notifications

Inform students and parents about new courses, events or admission status by sending out notifications.


SMS messages being a vital part of communication strategy, has upgraded the response rate of administrative requests by 88%

  • Alerts and Notifications via Bulk SMS

    Bulk messaging is not only cost effective but also very reliable, with over 98% of messages being read. It’s an amazing way to keep your students informed and active.

  • Admission and Fee-related Alerts and Reminders

    You can ensure your classes are full and students are well aware about the major dates of census or due dates of fees to keep things easy for both parents and students.

  • Two-way Communication

    Two-way Communication manages a respective workflow based on reverts and queries. It also helps in sending follow-up One-to-One SMS to students and parents.

An SMS-Based Solution for Seamless Interaction between Educational Institutes & Students

Education doesn’t only train kids for their tomorrow. It prepares them for the future possibilities they can explore with the right learning pathway. But this foremost step of life revolves around the idea of communication children must go through. From preliminary daycare and secondary schools to major colleges and professional institutes, the loop of interaction is crucial for everyone. Although, this endless dynamic of communication that accelerates among teachers, students, and parents is not as easy as it appears.

Communication is proved to be the only key to a better sense of understanding. Thus it’s not just important but necessary to provide the best possible and instant solutions to all your students. Communication being a constant part of our lifestyle serves a very crucial role in self-development. This endless dynamic of communication that accelerates among teachers, students, and parents is not as easy as it appears.

There are lots of administration tasks that reek of automation needs. Let’s face it! Disseminating a piece of information alone throughout hundreds of students is a chore itself. GuniSMS offers SMS for education services for schools and educational institutions to streamline the interaction with students and their parents. Our text messaging service for students, teachers, and parents followed by real-time tracking eliminates the fuss of learning and makes it simpler for everyone.

SMS for education is a revolutionised method to alleviate the requirements that often consume a lot of time and resources. You don’t need to fill your notification boards anymore when you have an automated SMS system to keep your students informed about all essential and vital information.

Text Messaging for Education – Bringing Teachers & Students One-Step Closer

While time may bring a distance between the educators and the learners, our SMS for education would not let that bond break. Our text messaging for teachers includes preschools, primary & secondary schools, colleges, private institutes, community colleges, world-class universities and more!