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Start messaging for free

Eliminates ‘no shows’

Sending frequent SMS follow-ups eliminates the number of cancellations or absences for house tours.

Conducts ‘bulk SMS’ with ease

With automation, send bulk SMS to your contact list with a simple click.

Customer Centric

Capture potential buyers instantly

With SMS, real estate agents can entice buyers to learn more about their preferred homes.

Our Value Addition

Improve your engagement/communication through our messaging platform

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How SMS can transform real estate

Real Estate Will Benefit From SMS Communication: Here’s How
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  • Higher Open Rates Experienced

    Unlike other communication mediums, SMS stands at a 98% higher open rate. When a buyer willingly subscribes to a messaging service, every SMS received will be opened immediately.

  • Buyers Prefer Text Messaging

    A study stated, 64% of customers prefer businesses to engage with them via text more regularly. Thus sending frequent real estate updates such as property information, house tour reminders/ alerts, and more are well appreciated by buyers.

  • Buyers Prefer Easy Communication

    A study stated, 59% of smartphone users prefer to communicate with built-in apps rather than installing them. With SMS, there are zero installations, which makes it a preferred communication choice for buyers.

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Guni SMS Solution Is A Game Changer For Real Estate: Here’s Why

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Reliable SMS Service Solution

Education doesn’t only train kids for their tomorrow. It prepares them for the future possibilities they can explore with the right learning pathway. But this foremost step of life revolves around the idea of communication children must go through. Frompreliminary daycare and secondary schools to major colleges and professional institutes, the loop of interaction is crucial for everyone. Although, this endless dynamic of communication that accelerates among teachers, students, and parents is not as easy as it appears.

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Offer Dedicated SMS Features

Offering simple SMS solutions isn’t enough when it comes to real estate selling. Wouldn’t it be great if you had an SMS solution that offers multiple dedicated SMS features? To name a few are easy SMS setup, hassle-free creation of bulk SMS campaigns, detailed reporting on SMS actions, and more. Luckily Guni SMS fits these requirements. The SMS solutions provide tons of features such as conducting automated distribution of bulk SMS, Tier1 security for storage of confidential data as well as providing a cost-effective SMS package. Guni SMS is the only SMS solution you’ll need to grow your real estate business.

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Sign up and get free SMS credits

Our Web Application, Mobile Applications and API Services is and always will be Free !

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Why Partner with Guni SMS?

Why Partner with Guni SMS?

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