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& Online ordering

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customers with the best solution
for their food cravings.

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Manage the order

Provide real time status of order and delivery status to the customer

Mobile Friendly ordering

Say no to queues instead order online and have two-way conversations

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Create a user-friendly interface that improves customer’s experience.

Customised solutions

How SMS is benefiting food tracking and online
food ordering businesses ?

Provide more options to the customer and maintain a direct line of contact
for food orders and deliveries by sending notifications to your customer’s mobile.
  • Alerts and Tracking of orders

    Circulate the information among the customer, restaurant and the driver by integrating SMS with your delivery tracking software.

  • Order Food Online

    Give an interface to customers where they can text their order and get a summary, confirmation and estimated time of delivery of order

  • Confirmations for delivery

    Keep your customers happy and satisfied by sending an automated delivery confirmation SMS message

  • Seek satisfaction through SMS surveys

    Gather valuable feedback from your customers to help improve your services by sending the customer a convenient SMS asking to fill an online survey

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Your Customers are Just One Text Away from Your
Amazing Meals & Beverages

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You know what they say! Great culinary skills speak for themselves and don’t require any form of marketing to get the attention of the customers. It is not entirely true, given the density of competition and in-demand convenience every other service provider is offering these days. Even if your restaurant has the world’s finest menu and the drinks at your bar are pure marvels of the bartender, your efforts are futile without proper communication. Your customers need to know what you can offer them and when they should be coming to your restaurant. GuniSMS offers hospitality SMS messaging to fill the gap between your restaurant and food-lovers.

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A text message containing a useful detail can work wonders. Look at it this way! Your customers want your services every day throughout the year. You don’t need to wait for any special season. Hence, you need a facilitated mode of communication to keep a notifying log for your customers. Besides, the hospitality sector is all about how you treat people and what services from your bucket interest them.

SMS for Restaurants & Bars

You don’t need any complex strategic plan to ping your customers about the offers and discounts. You can use our text messaging solutions for bars and restaurants to let them know what’s waiting for them at your place. This is certainly the easiest and most efficient way to open the entrance door for more customers and a better ROI.

GuniSMS thrives in SMS gateway and hospitality text messaging solutions. We believe that a streamlined text messaging structure can save you a lot of time and costs on administration, order management, customer satisfaction, and service improvements.

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Why Partner with Guni SMS?

Why Partner with Guni SMS?

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