Campbell Town Dental Care Improved Patient Experience & increased sales by 41% during the pandemic with the help of Guni SMS.

MMS in Healthcare: Improving Patient Communication Through Multimedia

The client

Campbell Town Dental Care is a well-established dental clinic in NSW, Australia. The dental clinic offers multiple dental solutions such as Gum treatment, Dental Scale, Dental Polish, and more. The staff at Campbell Town Dental Care are kind, and there is a well-known dental clinic in and around their neighbourhood.

The Challenge/ Problem

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the dentistry industry. One of the most considerable impacts of the pandemic on dental practices in Australia has been the decreased revenue. The pandemic affected Campbell Town Dental Care in two significant ways:

  • The already existing patients became hesitant to book appointments and follow through with their treatment, resulting in decreased day-to-day revenue.
  • The number of new registrations started to take a hit, and the numbers went down.   


The primary cause of these two issues was the pandemic and the fear of Covid-19 among the masses. Campbell Town Dental Care drastically witnessed a drop in appointment bookings, new registrations and an overall decrease in revenue.

One of the Doctors at Campbell Town Dental Care stated: ‘’ The pandemic had taken a massive toll on our business. We needed to do something as soon as possible before it was too late.’’

The Solution

The consultants at Guni came in and tried to understand their requirements and challenges. The need for meaningful engagement was evident. The following were the solutions implemented with the help of an SMS Gateway.

Awareness & Education:- Guni, with the help of SMS Broadcasting, devised a marketing campaign to make the existing patients and prospective patients make aware of the safety precautions being taken on:-

  • How is Campbell Town Dental Care functioning during the pandemic?
  • How are they maintaining the clinic’s hygiene and cleanliness?
  • What precautions are they taking to engage with the patients?

Increasing New Registrations: Guni, with the help of an SMS Gateway, implemented marketing campaigns wherein the objective was to raise brand awareness. Details about Campbell Town Dental Care, such as their services, offers and the experience they offer, were promoted with the help of SMS Marketing.

Improving Patient Experience: Guni, with the help of an SMS Gateway, improved the current processes of how Campbell Town Dental Care engaged with their patients daily. Whether it be booking appointments, consulting doctors, regular checkups, the whole patient journey was refined. Guni SMS made sure there was a meaningful engagement between the patients and Campbell Town Dental Care.

The Impact

With the help of Guni SMS, Campbell Town Dental Care understood the power of SMS in Healthcare. The following were the results recorded:-


  • Campbell Town Dental Care’s appointment bookings went up by 41 %, and their new registrations went up by 25 %. 
  • Campbell Town Dental Care’s no-shows reduced by a whopping 95% within a month. This was the result of the SMS scheduling feature in Guni SMS. Alerts and reminders were sent to patients regularly.

Patient Experience:-

  • With Guni SMS, Campbell Town Dental Care started to capture their existing patient’s attention. Information related to dental care was shared frequently ( how to choose the right brush, which braces should you opt for, how to take care of sensitive teeth etc.).
  • With Guni SMS, Campbell Town Dental Care managed their existing patient’s treatments via an SMS Gateway. 
  • With Guni SMS, Campbell Town Dental Care started to engage personally with patients. Managing 1on1 sessions became a breeze for Campbell Town Dental Care.
  • With Guni SMS, Campbell Town Dental Care got instant feedback from their patients regarding their experience with the brand.
  • The overall patient experience improved through meaningful engagement. 90% of the patients gave in positive feedback on their experience with Campbell Town Dental Care.


The following are samples of the use-cases Implemented by Guni SMS for Campbell Town Dental Care.


case study


Impact! Campbell Town Dental Care took personalised engagement to a whole new level with Campbell Town Dental Care with Guni SMS.


case study


Impact! Campbell Town Dental Care’s no-shows reduced by a whopping 95% within a month.


case study


Impact! 65% replied with a “YES”.

case study

Impact! 73% replied with a “YES”

Was your business affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic?  Are you looking to bounce back?

Are you looking to improve upon your patient experience?

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