Little Bonny Increased 15% Table Bookings & got 10x More Takeouts by partnering with Guni SMS.

The Client

Little Bonnys is an ode to a beautiful bird. It’s also a nod to former French military leader Napoleon Bonaparte, who had a thing for chicken dinners. Chicken connoisseurs who share Napoleon’s thing for rotisserie chicken will understand why Little Bonny’s is taking chicken to new heights. Whether dressed in a chimichurri coat or crisp-skinned and sprinkled with herbs, Little Bonny’s is the best place for luxe chicken in Sydney.

The Challenge/Problem

Little Bonnys is a famous place amongst tourists and locals in Sydney, Australia, but due to COVID-19, they were affected. Since the revenue from Tourists dipped, Little Bonnys needed to capitalize on the locals in Sydney for its survival. Significant changes were required to adapt to this change of scenario and get things up and running like the good old days.

‘’We at Little Bonnys pride ourselves on providing the best chicken in Sydney. But what’s the use of us putting all this effort to provide the same, if everyone’s afraid to dine out and order takeaways’’ stated one of the chefs at Little Bonnys.

Little Bonnys became aware that if they wanted to survive, they needed to create awareness on how safe it was to dine in or order takeaways.

Surviving the Covid-19 pandemic phase without any revenue had taken a toll on Little Bonny’s financials. They needed to bring in as many costumes as they could. 

Little Bonnys also understood the importance of a loyal customer base during the pandemic period. They did not have any system or process in place for maintaining profitable relationships with their customer base.

Little Bonnys understood that meaningful engagement with their customers is critical for their survival. The only medium of communication they had was email, but it was not effective enough. Sending bulk emails was not an option as email marketing platforms were costly, and it was against the Spam and Telemarketing laws of Australia. They didn’t find any luck with social media as well. 

The Solution

The consultants at Guni came in and tried to understand the challenges and requirements of Little Bonnys. They tried to understand the current process and created custom-made use cases or solutions that would help them in solving those problems. 

  • Customer Loyalty:- Loyal customers supporting their favorite places to eat and drink has helped many businesses in the hospitality space to survive this deadly pandemic phase. Guni, with the help of an SMS Gateway, created and implemented a customer success methodology for increasing meaningful engagement of Little Bonnys with its customers. 
  • Awareness & Education:- Guni, with the help of an SMS Gateway, devised a marketing campaign to convince customers that it was safe to dine in or order takeaways. 
  • Increasing Revenue:- Little Bonnys wanted to increase sales and double upon revenue as soon as possible. Surviving the Covid-19 Pandemic phase was a challenging task itself. They tried to reach out to more potential customers about offers, their menu, brand, etc. Guni SMS acted as a bridge between the customers and Little Bonnys. Guni, with the help of SMS Broadcasting, helped Little Bonnys reach the masses with just one click and engage more efficiently. 

The owner stated, ‘’The best thing about Guni is that they not only give you just an SMS Gateway but also tells you how to use it in accordance to our needs and requirements. Their consultants showed outstanding commitment to understanding our processes and creating custom-made use-cases for us. I never knew that SMS was this powerful. Full credits go to team Guni for making me realize that”.


By utilizing the power of SMS in Restaurants with the help of Guni, Little Bonny’s dine-in and take-aways skyrocketed. The following were the results recorded. 

  • With instant one-on-one interactions via Guni SMS, Little Bonnys could engage with diners quicker and solve queries in real-time. This led to an increase in 19% of table bookings. With the help of Guni, Little Bonnys understood the impact of SMS Broadcasting on Restaurants.
  • Take-ways doubled up by 25 % as a result of the marketing campaigns using Guni’s SMS Gateway. With the help of Guni, Little Bonnys understood the impact of SMS Marketing on Restaurants.
  • Customers returning to Little Bonnys increased due to Guni’s Customer Success Methodology Implemented with the help of an SMS Gateway. The customer retention rate increased by 22 %. This was seen as a milestone on the road to attaining customer loyalty. With the help of Guni, Little Bonnys understood the impact of SMS on Customer Success.

The samples of the use-cases implemented are given below :

case study

Impact! This SMS got an engagement rate of 60%.

case study

Impact! This SMS got an engagement rate of 41%.

case study

Impact! It was noted that a whopping 90% of the respondents found this SMS helpful and reassuring.

  • Was your business affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic? Are you looking to bounce back?
  • Are you looking to increase more dine-in and take-aways for your restaurant?
  • Are you looking to increase customer loyalty through meaningful engagement?


Let us help you for free. Guni can help your restaurant double up on sales, improve customer experience with the help of an SMS Gateway. Call Us today.

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