Case Study: A 19% Surge in Mid-week Bookings at Masala Kitchen with SMS Marketing

Case Study: A 19% Surge in Mid-week Bookings at Masala Kitchen with SMS Marketing

Introduction: Masala Kitchen, located in the heart of Dee WHY, Sydney, is renowned for its rich and authentic Indian cuisine. However, despite its delicious offerings, the restaurant was grappling with challenges in drawing customers during the quieter mid-week days. Their existing advertising through social media and Google display ads wasn’t delivering the anticipated ROI. Guni Solutions proposed a fresh approach: SMS Marketing.

Challenges Faced by Masala Kitchen:

  1. Low footfall on Wednesdays and Thursdays: These off-peak days were hitting the restaurant’s revenues hard, leaving it underutilized.
  2. Ineffective Marketing Strategies: Despite considerable investment in digital advertising, the returns were insufficient.
  3. Disconnected Old Customers: A significant segment of customers who were once regulars had drifted away over time.

Our Approach:

  1. Importing Contacts: Our first step was gathering a comprehensive list of previous customers and potential new ones with an affinity for Indian cuisine.
  2. Validation: We meticulously validated each contact, ensuring maximum reach and eliminating errors.
  3. Content Strategy: With a deep understanding of Masala Kitchen’s essence, we curated personalized SMS content designed to evoke nostalgia and enticement.
  4. Campaign Scheduling: Messages were dispatched strategically, targeting times when customers would be contemplating their dining choices.

SMS Samples Sent Out:

  1. Remember the rich flavors of Masala Kitchen? Revisit this Wednesday & enjoy special offers
  2. Masala Kitchen reminds you of the aromatic Indian evenings! Savour the memories this Thursday. Reserve Now
  3. Been a while since our Biryani caressed your palate? Join us this weekend and relish the taste you’ve missed!


  1. Enhanced Reservations on Quieter Days: The campaign catalyzed a 19% uptick in table reservations, especially on the previously quieter days of Wednesday and Thursday.
  2. Reconnecting with Legacy Customers: Numerous patrons returned, having been reignited by our outreach. Some even revisited during weekends, expressing gratitude for rekindling their association.
  3. Impressive ROI: The ROI from the SMS marketing campaign was a staggering 450%, proving its mettle as an effective and efficient strategy for Masala Kitchen.

Testimonial from Restaurant Owner – Narender:

“Over the years, we’ve tried various marketing methods to enhance our presence and bring our beloved customers back to Masala Kitchen. However, nothing compared to the impact of the SMS campaign initiated by Guni Solutions. The tangible results speak for themselves – a 19% increase in bookings and a remarkable ROI of 450%. But beyond the numbers, it was the rekindling of old relationships and seeing familiar faces again that truly warmed my heart. This campaign not only boosted our business but also reinforced our bond with the community. Thank you, Guni Solutions, for reminding us and our customers of the magic of Masala Kitchen.”Narender

Conclusion: Masala Kitchen’s story underscores the importance of leveraging the right marketing channels. Through our strategic SMS marketing campaign, the restaurant not only overcame its mid-week slump but also rediscovered its bond with cherished customers. As Masala Kitchen continues its culinary journey, it does so with a reinvigorated customer base and significantly higher returns, thanks to the interventions by Guni Solutions.

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