Sydney Optometrists increased sales by 19% during the pandemic by partnering with Guni SMS.

Sydney Optometrists is an eye vision clinic situated in Western Sydney, Australia. They offer different types of eye services such as children’s vision, glasses, and more. What’s unique about their services is that they use well-advanced technology to cater to their customers.

They also have an in-house laboratory to deliver glasses within 24 hours. They also provide free diabetic and glaucoma screenings. From supporting multiple health funds to providing branded frames such as Marc Jacobs, Bulgari, and more, this eye clinic is the perfect solution to all your vision needs.

The Challenge/Problem

The pandemic impacted Sydney Optometrists just like it did with every other business in Australia. The appointment bookings got affected, and the numbers in sales fell as well. They wanted to get back on track as soon as possible.

Sydney Optometrists understood that meaningful engagement with their customers is critical for their survival. The only medium of communication they had was email, but it was not effective enough. Sending bulk emails was not an option as email marketing platforms were costly, and it was against the Spam and Telemarketing laws of Australia. They didn’t find any luck with social media as well. The use of social media did not give the expected results.

The Solution

The consultants at Guni had a detailed meeting with Sydney Optometrists. They understood the requirements and created a custom made solution that suited them.

  • Customer Loyalty- The consultants at Guni mapped out the customer success journey. They implemented a customer success methodology based on the same with the help of an SMS Gateway. Resourceful information was shared with the existing customers regularly, and meaningful engagement was created.
  • Awareness and education- Guni SMS, with the help of SMS Broadcasting, tried to create awareness on the safety precautions taken by Sydney Optometrists for their customers and conveyed how safe it was to visit them in person. 
  • Increase revenue- With the help of Guni’s SMS Marketing, Sydney Optometrists reached out to their targeted market audience with just one click. Information about the brand, service, offers etc., were conveyed. 

The Result

With the help of Guni SMS, Sydney Optometrists understood the impact of SMS in both Healthcare and Retail. 

  • 90% of the customers gave a rating of above 4.5 out of 5 based on the brand experience. 
  • Sales from existing customers increased by 13%.
  • New customer acquisition increased by 17%.
  • Appointments increased by 12%.

One of the Optometrists at Sydney Optometrists stated:- ‘’ The best thing about Guni SMS is the commitment they show. It was evident from their actions that they wanted to help us and make a positive impact.’’

Here are a few samples of the use-cases implemented by Guni SMS.


Impact! 15% replied with a “YES”.


case study

Impact! 11% replied with a “YES”.


case study

case study

Impact! 16% replied with a “YES”.


Was your business affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic?  Are you looking to bounce back?

Are you looking to increase your sales in a cost-effective way?

Does your business need the help of professional consultants for free?

Are you looking to increase customer loyalty through meaningful engagement?


Growing your business during the pandemic isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible. Guni offers customized solutions to improve and grow your business. Sign up today!


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